At events like the Swiss Handicap Fair, people with and without disabilities come together

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Movement, encounters, fascination, awareness, trying out new things, competing, celebrating success. This is what PluSport offers with its broad and colourful range of events that focus on sport and disabilities.

We organise our own sporting events and also work with external platforms such as the World Gymnaestrada and the Swiss Federal Gymnastics Festival to stage attractive events that focus on inclusion through sport.

National and international sporting events in Switzerland for people with disabilities  

PluSport – the umbrella organisation for disability sports in Switzerland – organises national and international sporting events both large and small in order to motivate young disabled individuals, make the public more aware of people with disabilities and offer our members and member clubs exciting highlights.

PluSport organises tournaments, sport days, competitions and other events for all types of recreational and competitive sports. PluSport also promotes the participation of its member clubs in major events such as the World Gymnaestrada and the Swiss Federal Gymnastics Festival.

Recreational sport highlights include the PluSport Day and many other multi-sport events such as discovery days, football tournaments and various sporting events organised by our member sport clubs.

Major competitive sport events include the FIS Para Alpine Ski World Cup St. Moritz and Swiss championship competitions organised with partners in various disciplines, including Alpine skiing, swimming, cycling, horseback riding, track and field and more – some of which are also featured in the Paralympics.

PluSport also actively contributes to various partner events, among other ways by organising special supporting programmes that increase awareness of people with disabilities and thus ensure the integrative character of such events. In this manner, PluSport promotes the health and exercise of disabled children, teenagers and adults.

Important and well known guests from the realms of sport, politics, culture and business are regularly invited to all events. Among other things, this makes it possible for us to effectively communicate with our partners and sponsors.

Information on our most attractive events can be found under “Highlights”. 

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National disability sports Day

Every year, the PluSport Day offers more than 1,500 athletes a unique experience of fun, games and sport. This event for our member clubs and other participants is organised by our administrative office in cooperation with many volunteers and partners.

Further information in German
Further information in French

Experiencing and trying out trendy sports

Climbing, karate, kayaking, football, dancing, etc.: PluSport organises sport discovery days and invites curious people with disabilities to learn about cool and trendy sports.

Trendy sport information in German
Trendy sport information in French

World Para Alpine Skiing Europa Cup St. Moritz

For many years now, PluSport has been staging the World Para Alpine Skiing Europa Cup St. Moritz , a major international sporting event, in cooperation with the sporting authorities in St. Moritz. PluSport also organises the PluSport Parallel Challenge, an integrative parallel slalom in which skiers without a disability can go up against world-class Paralympic skiers. 

St. Moritz & PluSport in German
St. Moritz & PluSport in French

Extraordinarily ordinary

Swiss Handicap is the first Swiss trade fair that focuses on the needs of people with disabilities or disorders of a physical, mental, psychological or sensory nature. PluSport plays an important supporting role in the Swiss Handicap trade fair.

Information on the Swiss Handicap trade fair in German
Information on the Swiss Handicap trade fair in French

Cybathlon – PluSport at the world premiere ! 

ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) attracted a lot of attention worldwide when it organised the first Cybathlon. The event used six disciplines to demonstrate how modern assistance systems can support people with disabilities in their daily lives. During Cybathlon, PluSport presented the exhibition “From Captain Hook to Iron Man” and also staged hands-on demonstrations and organised a “Let’s fäz” programme of sports and games for kids. PluSport will be on hand once again for the second Cybathlon in May 2020.

PluSport at Cybathlon – German
PluSport at Cybathlon – French