Without coercion or boundaries 

Disabled sports have an exceptional integration value – sport knows no boundaries. Sport connects people of all ages, from all social classes and cultures, and people with and without disabilities.
However, rather than being forced, integration and inclusion should be voluntary. Sport is to be put into practice without coercion as a matter of course; there is also a place for separation. 

Inclusive sport

Inclusion is a social concept where each person can feel that they belong, regardless of their condition. In an inclusive society, nobody is excluded, while differences are tolerated and seen as natural. The only “norm” is that everyone is different and that they also have different needs in sport.

PluSport promotes inclusion everywhere

  • 2 Executive Board members and 2 employees with disabilities are employed by the association
  • 30 former Paralympic athletes regularly work on behalf of our mission as ambassadors
  • 25% of the Executive Board members in our clubs are living with a disability
  • 10% of the disabled sport assistants trained annually are people with disabilities who take on leadership or assistant roles 
  • 3 trainers with disabilities lead development training
  • All the performance squads in our Paralympic sports events are integrated in the relevant sports associations 
  • Efforts to cooperate with all Swiss Olympic member associations, educational institutions and others have been started
  • PluSport employees are working actively with FOSPO committees, J+S, esa, Swiss school sports, ETH etc  

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