Jährlich werden viele Freiwillige Helferinnen und Helfer im Behindertensport gesucht
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Solidarity and support for health and exercise

Thanks to your support and commitment, we are able to establish and maintain leisure and sporting activities and programmes for children, teenagers and adults with disabilities

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Contributing to society through a non-profit organisation   

Financial stability is crucial for an organisation like PluSport. Financial stability gives the association the security it needs to place its programmes and services on a solid foundation. Financial stability also gives us the freedom to try out new things and spur innovation. 

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has supported PluSport in one way or another, including 

  • all voluntary Executive Board members and helpers in our 86 clubs from Geneva to Romanshorn, and from Basel to Ticino
  • the approximately 2,500 programme directors, trainers, and assistants who organise and manage countless sport camps, training courses and training camps for PluSport every year 
  • everyone who has made a donation, as well as the decision-makers at companies and government agencies who have provided generous financial and non-financial support for disability sports activities
  • and last but least, all Executive Board members and employees of the association, whose personal dedication has extended beyond anything we ever expected of them.

Help us continue on the determined path we’ve embarked upon. 

Every donation we receive helps us support our disabled athletes – in our clubs and our camps, at sporting events and tournaments, with materials and aids, or with transport and logistics services. Your contributions also help young athletes of all ages.

Every donation is welcome and appreciated, whether large or small, or made one time or regularly. Donations can be made online or at your bank using our deposit slip. 

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Many people name charitable organisations in their wills. PluSport is a member of the My Happyend association, and we have a special brochure that provides you with detailed information on wills and testaments and estate planning.

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“PluSport Friends”, “PluSport 4 Kids” and “PluSport 4 Talents” are three different forms of patron membership that enable you to publicly demonstrate your connection and commitment to disability sports.

Further information on patron memberships