People and PluSport

Putting people first

Whether it’s children, teenagers or adults – everyone should be able to engage in physical activity and sport, regardless of their physical or mental condition. Everyone should also be equal in society. PluSport supports all athletes with disabilities and promotes social integration and inclusion.

Focus on integration through sport

Health and exercise are important for everyone. People with special needs should also be able to enjoy physical activity, sport and competition as a given. Personal encounters through sport promote integration into groups and society at large, and they also enhance feelings of well being and quality of life. PluSport is a membership organisation and service provider for all issues relating to disabilities, sport and integration. PluSport is the first point of contact and a centre of expertise for disability and sport for children, teenagers and adults with and without disabilities, as well as their friends, family, associates and all other individuals and organisations that connect people and sport.

Our members – active and dedicated

PluSport offers various forms of membership. Please find further informations on our memberships here.

Aiming high 

PluSport supports young talented athletes (further information in German/French) and accompanies the athletes in our squads (further information in German/French) all the way to the top.

Working with and for sport

PluSport is always looking for new helpers and assistants (further information in German/French), and we are also an accredited training organisation that trains programme directors (further information in German/French).

PluSport management

The Executive Board (further information in German/French) is the governing body; various commissions (further information in German/French) advise the Board and its members. 

Innovative administrative office 

Expert staff members are responsible for managing four areas at PluSport.

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Committed ambassadors

PluSport ambassadors communicate our mission around the globe.

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